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Just Green It!

To green or not to green? That was the question. However, in today’s day and age, regardless of the unstable economy, making “green” choices and living a healthier lifestyle is becoming less of a luxury and more of a norm. Researchers have even predicted a shift in future trends that “nongreen” will not survive.

The average consumer must go far beyond reading a label. We now require an education that includes green definitions and product comparisons. In nearly every purchasing decision you may ask yourself if the short-term savings are really worth the long term price tag on our health and planet. Everything in our lifestyle—what we eat, touch, wear, and use to furnish, clean, and maintain our homes—is linked to our health and well-being. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget this and choose to ignore the many toxic materials that we come into contact with on a daily basis. In 2002, Lisa Beres, a former interior designer, could ignore it no longer. She became very ill, feeling run down and tired all of the time suffering from chronic fatigue, sinus infections, hormone imbalances and lowered immunity after moving into a newly remodeled home. Following much research and a dozen doctor visits, she came to the conclusion that her house and products within the home were making her sick. Lisa and her husband went on to become BBEC/Building Biologists and after making the necessary adjustments in their home, Lisa’s health gradually improved. But the duo didn’t stop there—they went on to help others in their endless efforts to attain optimal health, and have been consultants in the green movement ever since. Certified Green Building Professionals, they have championed the cause of all-natural products that nourish the body while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.

Through the highways of cyberspace, information has become ubiquitous. You might think it’s easy to make educated choices, but who really has time in our faced-paced, twenty-first century, technology-thriving world to do all of the researching? Fear not, there is a green light at the end of this tunnel. We have deciphered fact from fiction to inform and educate you on how to live a healthier lifestyle. While the Green Movement is concerned about the effects of our collective carbon footprint on the planet, we are equally concerned with how our footprint is endangering the health and well being of each individual.

Just Green It! by husband/wife team Ron and Lisa Beres, eco-experts, founders of www.GreenNest.com, and professional speakers in the green movement, is the ultimate consumer guidebook for navigating the green marketplace; understanding the many greenwashing tactics used by companies and organizations claiming to be “green”; and choosing environmentally and human friendly products—everything from light bulbs to mattresses to baby food—to live healthier, “greener” lives. Finally, with Just Green It! there’s a guidebook for navigating the oversaturated Green marketplace. It’s truly a must have for today’s consumer to decipher fact from fiction, live a healthier lifestyle, and exercise not just their voice, but their purchasing power as well.